Waze Mobile Proximity Marketing

Mobile proximity marketing can be a huge benefit for your business! Using WAZE Mobile Proximity Marketing, we help you advertise directly to nearby potential customers who are driving close to your store’s location, and they can choose to receive a revised map and verbal step-by-step navigation instructions directly to your business.

Through WAZE, we set up and push advertisements via mobile proximity marketing directly to potential customers who are driving near your business, increasing brand awareness and impressions of your company’s logo to local drivers. If your restaurant, showroom or office is in a hard-to-find location, WAZE Mobile Proximity Marketing is the digital marketing solution you’ve been waiting for.

SEO Boost for Business is an authorized advertiser in partnership with WAZE — The Community-Social-Driven GPS Traffic and Navigation App.

Image of WAZE Mobile Proximity Marketing logo
Screen Shot of the WAZE Mobile Proximity Marketing Dashboard showing results!

WAZE Mobile Proximity Marketing is activated to push ads and messages based on your hours of operation. Here you can see the WAZE dashboard for the SEO Boost for Business account. Because we are close to I-25, the major freeway that runs through the heart of Denver and carries huge volumes of traffic every day, the first week of May 2016 our brand received almost 13,000 impressions!

At SEO Boost for Business, we practice what we preach. WAZE Proximity Marketing has been a huge success for us. Allow us to share that success with you.

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Mobile Proximity Advertising
Waze is a FREE GPS Social Navigation System, similar to Google Maps, that allows users input and and feedback in real time about traffic, best routes, accidents, and police speed traps while earning participation points. We are able to push advertisements for your location on which prospects can click to receive GPS map directions and verbal instructions to Drive Directly to Your Location!